The APHL at BPK Research Day 2019

APHL undergraduate trainees delivered a set of terrific presentations at the Department’s annual BPK Research Day.


Aksel delivered a poster presentation about his B.Sc. Honour’s thesis research on the effect of intra-articular knee injections on daily physical activity volume in persons with knee osteoarthritis. His research used wearable activity monitors to track daily physical activity.


Nicole presented her literature review about financial incentives for physical activity in older adults. She was also one of two undergraduate student members of the organizing committee for BPK Research Day 2019.


Amanda presented a poster from her B.Sc. Directed Studies about fall characteristics in long-term care. She examined how fall characteristics differ between falls that occur in private bedrooms areas versus public common areas.


Dr. Mackey again served as faculty chair of the organizing committee for Research Day, as she has for the past five years. She was also a poster judge. The event brought together over 175 trainees and faculty to showcase the incredible and diverse research being conducted in the Department.